Aluminum Industry

Alumisource provides specialized raw materials, material processing and blending solutions to both integrated and secondary aluminum producers. Alumisource’s shredding and processing capabilities allow us to create a finished product unique in comparison to traditional scrap processors. Because our finished product is smaller, cleaner and has more paint and coatings removed than most shredded products, reverb furnace operators can use our product as either a direct input or as an input through a delacquering furnace.

All inbound loads of scrap are lot tracked by shipper and commodity type to assure product quality and accountability. Our finished product for wrought grades (3xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx) starts with dealer sheet, siding, extrusion and clip inputs. Our inspection process includes the removal of cast, free iron, copper and other non-spec scrap. Our process starts by breaking bales and inspecting our feedstock before introducing it to the shredder. The shredder combines a unique hammer and grate system to create a small, clean and dense product that has been freed from attachments and other contamination. The shredded product is then passed through a downstream processing operation which includes an overhead magnet, 86” wide Steinert eddy current conveyor, six dust collection hoods and a manual inspection station. The finished product is free from steel, iron, plastic, wood, dirt and other non-metallic contamination. Once completed, the product can be custom blended with other scrap and shipped in bulk via dump trailer or bagged for specialty applications.


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