Alumisource was founded with the idea of providing specialized raw materials, material processing and blending solutions to the aluminum and steel industries. We provide raw material inputs to the aluminum industry in the form of custom shredded and blended aluminum scrap. Through careful sourcing, inspection, and processing, we are able to provide a unique aluminum scrap alternative that can be used as feedstock in either reverb or rotary furnaces.

For the steel industry, Alumisource provides a variety of products in the form of raw materials for artificial slag conditioners, deoxidation, and desulphurization products. By leveraging our shredding, screening, and briquetting equipment, Alumisource is able to provide a wide range of blended aluminum products designed to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

We have two facility locations. Our corporate headquarters and facility in Monessen, Pennsylvania is located just thirty miles south of Pittsburgh with convenient access to Interstate 70.

Our facility in Richmond, KY is located approximately 30 miles south of Lexington, KY with convenient access to Interstate 75. Both facilities are under roof and ideally suited to protect materials from moisture and contamination while providing for large scale processing and storage. Both plants have rail access, multiple truck loading docks, and certified 70’ truck scales.

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